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Hi Ladies!

In case you were wondering where I was, I am busy with filming videos on my Youtube Channel. YouTube has definitely been more of my hobby nowadays so please make sure to subscribe there! As you may know (obviously you do know hehe), Fall is approaching soon. Fall calls for darker colors in fashion, makeup..and nature of course, so I was inspired to create a Fall Makeup Look for you all. This Fall Makeup Look includes a gold and purple smokey eye and a daring red lip. I hope you all enjoy it!


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Complete Face Products for this Fall Makeup Look:
Foundation: CLINIQUE Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup

Concealor: MAC Studio Finish NC45 Concealor

Bronzer: Covergirl Queen Collection Ebony Bronzer

Motives Cosmetics Shadow: Vino (Applied w/ MAC 224 Blending Brush)

L’Oreal Paris Smoky Palette (Les Ombres)- Purple Used In Crease. Applied w/ MAC 217 Blending Brush

Indus Gold Marble Eyeshadow- Purchased from The Makeup Store in London

L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara

Ardell Demi Whispies

Black Radiance Lipstick- Shade 5033

MAC Lip Stick- Film Nior

Questions? Leave them down below.

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Lying Together-FKJ

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Bioré FREE YOUR PORES Unclogging Scrub Review!


I’m sure you had this exact same moment. You are satisfied with your skin and the products you use, but you just feel that maybe there will be another product out there to try? Yes, that is always me. Recently, instead of picking up my usual face scrub (St. Ives Apricot Scrub) I decided to pick up this Bioré FREE YOUR PORES Unclogging Scrub. I was quite scared to try this because I heard mixed reviews about it, but I said “What the heck? It won’t kill me haha.” I’ve been using it for over 3 weeks now and I love it! I use this in addition to my Cetaphil Gentle Face Cleanser. When using the Bioré FREE YOUR PORES Unclogging Scrub, your skin starts to tingle (in a good way). I actually feel that the Bioré FREE YOUR PORES Unclogging Scrub is really doing a deep cleanse. The exfoliating beads aren’t too hard for the skin as well. Once rinsed, my face feels amazingly soft and clean!!! I don’t usually get breakouts so I can’t say it helped me with skin problems, however the scrub really cleans my skin. I love it and you should try it!


Quick Healthy Dinner Meal #1- Steamed Veggies & Chicken Breast



This is the last straw.

Today was the first time in about three months that I called out sick. I feel like my diet definitely has to do with this.  Besides this video that inspired me this morning, I’ve been trying my best to improve my meals for lunch and dinner. While on YouTube (as usual), I decided to look up some recipes for cabbage. For some reason, I thought it was rocket science (don’t judge me haha), but it really isn’t. I decided to mix up some steamed veggies and grilled chicken for dinner. Guys, it was extremely yummy. I honestly like anything with chicken! This quick healthy dinner meal only took about 20 minutes.

For the Veggies:

Veggies Used: Carrots, Broccoli, Cauliflower, and Cabbage

First I put a large pot on the stove on low heat. I then put in a bit of olive oil and a LITTLE BIT of butter ( about 1/4 of a table spoon) and a pinch of salt. Then I placed the carrots, broccoli and cauliflower in the pot first. They usually take a bit of time to get tender so I wanted those vegetables to cook first. Lastly I added about a cup of Vegetable Stock (similar to chicken broth) and covered the pot for about 7 minutes. After I cut up my cabbage a placed that in with the rest of my vegetables and covered the pot for about 7 minutes. All done!

For the chicken I decided to use the Perdue Carved Chicken Breast. This chicken is already cooked and is also USDA approved. It only has natural ingredients and it’s also gluten free! All I did was microwave it for about 1 minute and 30 seconds and it was ready. It comes with a lot in the pack so I only took about 5 pieces and saved the rest!


Clearly, I am trying you guys haha. I hope you all enjoyed this post about my quick healthy dinner meal!





The Struggle of Eating Healthy!


I am pretty consistent when it comes to most things I want to accomplish, however there it one thing that I cannot stick to. That is eating healthy! Most of the time when I tell people I want to start eating healthy they usually just focus on my skin and bones (haha) because I weigh a little over 100 pounds. Little does everyone know, being skinny doesn’t mean you’re fit nor healthy. Therefore starting Monday, July 21 2014 I want to start my “Eat Clean Challenge”. Being that I am constantly on the go, I find it much easier to grab fast food rather than grabbing something healthy or bringing something nutricious from home. The healthiest meal of the day I eat right now (Monday-Friday) is my favorite oatmeal and granola from Pret-A-Manger located in Manhattan. After breakfast, everything goes downhill! This week I’ll be researching some healthy meals to eat for breakfast , lunch and dinner in order to have a better diet. I will be posting them on my blog as well as my YouTube Channel Stay tuned for a healthy me and YOU :)! Lets motivate each other to eat healthy! If you have great healthy recipes, leave them down below.



Why 20-something Women Need to Stop Thinking like 30-something Women (Response)

Being so in love with MissAndreaLewis, I came across one of her new blog post, which eventually lead me to this wonderful article written by Lauren Martin. This article not only made me feel better about my life, but it also helped me to realize that the world isn’t ending because life isn’t going as planned.

I have always been the one who acts like I’m 20 going on 40…yes 40! I always had in my mind that I need to have a great job, a beautiful apartment, and of course a wonderful romantic relationship. I was hopeful and determined to have these things in my mid twenties. Being 23 years of age now, I can say that I have only accomplished my desired career in the fashion industry. The romantic relationship…no. A beautiful home…not that either! As for the romantic relationships and marriages, maybe I need to go through a few more heartbreaks and tears. Honestly at one point, I thought the world was ending and I will never ever get these things.

After some soul searching, great books, awesome conversation with friends and lastly this article (below), I realized that it’s best to live in the moment. Sometimes, wanting to accomplish life goals like marriage/kids/a wonderful home can definitely put so much unnecessary pressure on you. Being a believer in Christ, I definitely feel that God has our backs. Looking back at when I failed or why things never worked out as planned, it was for the best! I just wanted to bring this up to you guys to say, Let’s all be apreciative of what we have NOW and let the rest be unwritten.




I’m never getting married. I’m never going to have kids. I’m going to be alone for the rest of my life. I am never going to be in love again.

Ladies, don’t deny that these thoughts haven’t crossed your mind at least once this month. At your loneliest, weakest (and probably drunkest) points, you’ve either thought, shouted or cried into the arm of your best friend these exact sentiments. Why can’t I find a boyfriend!? Will I ever settle down and get married?

You yearn for the answer the same way you wonder about life after death or the vast existence of the universe. Am I going to be alone forever? Should I get some cats now?

I won’t deny that at my lowest points, I’ve also expressed these thoughts. I’ve thought about ending it all before I turn 40, crossing off love and becoming one of those women who’s closed off and bitter to anything romantic or associated with a Nicholas Sparks title. I’ve wondered how long it would be until my next boyfriend and if I should have ever broken up with the last.

However, I’ve recently started getting tired of it all. I realized the dark-clouded thoughts, worries and constant stressing were making me groggy, depleted and utterly exhausted. I’ve felt out of the moment for too many months, worrying about my future rather than enjoying the present for too long. I was expending all this extra energy on all this premature worrying. I was a 20-something, worrying about the problems of a 30-something.

Believe it or not, your twenties are still considered very young, and so are your thirties. But if you’re still in your twenties, I hate to break it to you — you’re still a baby. Still don’t believe me? Think about it this way…

Where were you 10 years ago? In your teens, preteens? You were either in middle school or just cusping high school. You were at your most immature and irresponsible age.

It’s an age you scoff at and shudder to think back to; it’s an age that warrants no respect, admiration or fond memories. However, you still have a lot in common with your prepubescent self. Like that middle school self in those cut Abercrombie jeans, you are trying to grow up way too fast.

Think back to all those irrelevant and idiotic worries you had at 14. You were worrying about boys, clothes and reputations when you should have just been enjoying your youth, getting away with all those childish things you only had a few years left to experience.

You were stressing about college when you should have been trying out for the play and worrying about boys who just wanted to play Call of Duty and touch their first tit. When you look back on it, don’t you feel kind of foolish?

Think back to all the time you wasted stressing about college, only to later realize it didn’t really matter and you could have been going to football games instead of SAT prep class.

Think back to all those stupid boys you cried over whose name you can’t remember now and the fights you got in with your parents over curfews and movies. Think back to those things you thought were worth getting grounded over, or those things you wouldn’t do because you thought you were too cool for them.

Unfortunately, we still haven’t grown out of these middle school mindsets and are still chasing boys like crazed pubescent teens. We’re cutting our shirts and putting on makeup when we should be playing in the creek and watching PBS.

We’re shaving when we don’t have so much as peach fuzz and walking into Victoria’s Secret before we’re fully developed. We’re fighting with our parents when we should be getting piggy backs. We’re wasting the best years of our youth worrying about things that shouldn’t be an issue for another 10 years.

So for all you 20-somethings, worrying about finding a husband and having kids — stop. Stop before you look back on your twenties the same way you look back on your teenage years… wishing you spent more time enjoying them rather than trying to grow up.

Your twenties are for being young, single and completely uninhibited. Stop trying to lock down a “man” who still just wants to play Call of Duty and touch his hundredth tit. Enjoy yourself and your rapidly receding youth and worry about those adult things when you get there.

Finding Love
Despite what Nicholas Sparks tells you, you’re not supposed to be madly in love at 25. You’re not supposed to have found that “perfect love” before you have a checking account. Love is messy, complicated and many times impossible to find. It’s something that people spend their entire lives looking for and don’t find until they have stopped worrying about it and started pursuing the love of other things.

Your twenties aren’t about finding a man to love you, but finding something to love. Focus on your career, your hobbies, your passions. Start to love yourself before you can think about finding the love of someone else. Because your twenties are about loving yourself and your thirties are about spreading that love.

Getting Married
If you haven’t already noticed, there are now more divorced couples than married ones. They say you are supposed to learn from the mistakes of your elders, and if rushed marriages aren’t the biggest mistake of the Baby Boomers, then we’ve learned nothing.

All those stories of college sweethearts and first loves are cute anecdotes until 20 years later, when they are tales of caution. Because getting married in your twenties is now an outdated notion, like scrunchies and VCRs, unnecessary and unproductive. Your twenties are for the one-night stands, the bad first dates and all those mistakes.

Having Kids
Do you even like kids? Do you really want kids in your twenties? Do you even want them in your thirties? Think about what you’re asking for. It’s one of the most life-changing events known to man and will assuredly commandeer your future and leave you wishing for those uninhibited single years again.

So why ruin the most carefree and exciting years of your life worrying about something that shouldn’t happen for at least 10 years from now? Do your future self a favor and take advantage of these years because you will never have them again.

Being Your Most Successful Self
Success, like a relationship, does not happen overnight. It’s something that needs time, a little bit of luck and dedication. Your twenties are not supposed to be the years you’re taking jets to St. Barths and enjoying the perks of a car service.

Your twenties are for paying your dues, learning the ropes and climbing all those ladders. Your thirties are for reaping the benefits.

Stop stressing because you’re not in your dream job or making that six-figure salary just yet. You need time to create your brand, build your dreams and look forward to the good life.


A Little More From London!


Although I got back from London three weeks ago, it was an experience that I will NEVER forget! I had so much fun exploring a country that I always wanted to go to. Btw, the people in London were def. more friendlier than New Yorkers (haha). I did lots of eating ad of course SHOPPING! My all time favorite shopping stores were New Look, Primark, River Island, Vera Moda and Dorothy Perkins! Here are a few photos and my second London vlog from my trip!


A talented painter painting in Trafalgar Square.


Taken near Leicester Square (basically the 42nd St. of London)


They had a ZARA HOME!!! Not  fair!


I’m in LONDON!!!!


“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”

Hi Lovies!!!!
I am currently in LONDON!!! I absolutely love it here. I always wanted to go to London to inhale some of the most breathtaking scenery and fashion. I have traveled alone here,  but after living in New York, I find it very easy getting around by train . London is gorgeous and…I might  have to go to shopping rehab after leaving here! Some of the places I’ve visited is Oxford, Camden, Knightsbridge,and  Leicester Square to name a few. Everyone is super stylish here and for the most part they are friendly. People at least smile at you and something as small as that makes me so happy! Take a look at some photos and my latest London Vlog.

Heart you all!!!



london_4  london_2


Urban Decay Electric Palette Look: Soft Green Eye Shadow & Nude Lips!


*Like this look? Watch the video below to learn how I did it!*

When it comes to eyeshadow, it can be quite tough to try bold colors! Especially is you’re a women of color like myself.  However, with my new Urban Decay Electric Palette, I am able to wear bold and SATURATED colors! When it comes to eyeshadow, another problem is not getting saturated colors, but don’t worry this Urban Decay Palette has amazing pigmentation. Hope you all enjoy this soft green eyeshadow look!


Slip Dress Lovin!


Slip dresses. What can I say? All I can really think about is the scene from one of my favorite movies 13 Going on 30! Jennifer Garner threw a jacket over her luxurious slip dress (which was totally meant for sleeping) and walked out the door to go to work. Yeah, yeah it was a movie, but that look is so wearable. I think all the fashion companies thought the same because slip dresses are so in for the Sprig/Summer! This slip dress that I am wearing today is from Forever 21 (similar here and here). I absolutely loved how comfortable I was in it. To edge it up and dress it UP, I threw on some studded BLACK heels (DSW) and of course my moto jacket (H&M)! I hope you guys like this look!





Neautral Eyes & Orange Lips Makeup Look!


Hey Loves!
So it’s Spring and that means its officially time to throw on bright lip colors! I love me a good orange lip color because it goes so well with dark skin! When going out, I definitely love to throw on a little eyeshadow. Since orange lips are a bit bold and bright, I like to keep it neutral by using all nude tones from my Naked III palette. Here is a complete list of what I used for this look.

Products Used:
-MAC Studio Finish Concealer
-MAC Shadow- Handwritten
-MAC Shadow- Embark
-Naked III Palette- Color-Trick
– Mac Shadow-Rice Paper Frost
–NYX Studio Liquid Liner-Extreme Black
-L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara
-Clinique Stay Matte Foundation- Clove
– LA Pro Concealer Shade- Warm Honey
-CoverGirl Queen Collection Bronzer-Ebony Bronze
-FACE HIGHLIGHT- Improper Copper (MAC)
-Nars Lipstick- HeatWave

Click the play button to watch how I got this look!

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